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Local Shop Feature: Ruthie and Oliver Letterpress gets you ready for the holidays

Let’s talk holidays! Who DOESN’T love the holidays? Decorating, family, treats – there is no part of the holiday season I don’t just melt over. I think we all strive to have these amazingly decorated model homes we drool over on social media, and I don’t know about ya’ll, but I just never seem to nail it.

We all have that one friend who somehow seems to nail it every time though. Every holiday, every birthday party, every event is just pure gold and every detail has been thought of it seems. My golden decorating and creative friend, Erica, also happens to own

an amazing letterpress and printing company as well, so truly steps up the game for EVERYTHING!

Needing some holiday help, I asked if Erica would teach me a few tips and tricks to help me create a professional and beautiful tree and gifts, and help me nail down that holiday spirit in my decorating. We cut, wrapped, styled, and enjoyed coffee out of our Santa mugs, all while I got the best advise from her on how she makes everything so beautiful and professional.

Megan: What is your favorite part about gift-giving and the holidays?

Erica: My favorite part about gift giving (any time of the year!) is wrapping. I love creating something beautiful with something as simple as a gift! Each gift is like an art project. The overall presentation is everything to me! It allows the person receiving the gift to know you put extra care into their gift!

Megan: What is your favorite trick for making all your gifts look professionally wrapped? Yours are always the most beautifully-wrapped gifts under the tree!

Erica: I always mix paper patterns & textures with different types of ribbon, and or objects! I don’t believe that Christmas wrapping has to JUST red and green! Play with lots of color. That’s how your gifts stand out. And of course, just take some extra time when trimming the paper and ribbon to make sure that you have enough on the first cut (allowing for the boxes to be completely covered and bows to be of perfect length.)

Megan: This is Oliver’s second Christmas; how do you keep things fun and get him involved with wrapping gifts for loved ones? (By the way, if you don’t follow Erica’s Instagram account for all things Oliver, run, don’t walk, to follow!)

Erica: As a mom, my mind us always thinking of ways to include Oliver in the things I do… so this year, I designed some “kid-friendly” wrapping paper – Hand illustrated Christmas coloring book paper! It’s Oliver tested and approved. He absolutely loved being able to color with markers, haha. He will be using this paper for all his gifts this year. This gets him involved and having fun with me during gift wrapping, but also creates special keepsakes for the receivers; especially grandparents.

Megan: What are some of the creative ways you bring the holidays to each and every gift?

Erica: We are very much an outdoor family, so I love to bring the outdoors in! Holly branches and pine needles make great accents with your gift tag; Makes a gift so simple, yet different. It’s just that last minute pop of surprise! But the simplest sprig of green can make a huge impact on the “overall presentation”.

Megan:What is your favorite holiday decorating trend right now?

Erica: Letterpress everything, of course! But for real, letterpress gift tags & cards are another HUGE impact factor for your gift presentation. The paper is always thick and you can feel the impression of the print. Another piece of small art you can add to your gift!

A beautifully wrapped gift is part of the present; and people DO value that as well. So this year, instead of those cheap sticker labels… try some of my letterpress gift tags! I designed these circular to add more dimension/texture for your gift. And for all you moms out there, I created some “Santa Claus” tags, so we can disguise our “handwriting”.

Megan: Your style has always been so unique and one-of-a-kind. What are a few of your favorite places to shop and where do you snag the best finds every holiday season?

Erica: Here are a few of my favorite shops and go-tos!

Favorite place to get wrapping paper: Target and The Container Store are my staples. Target carries Kraft Wrap; a simple favorite! The Container Store always has a few “ vintage” looking papers that I like to snag! However, last year I didn’t feel completely satisfied with the selection… so this year I designed (5) of my own unique wrapping papers that can be purchased locally at XO Supply Store and Honey Hole Market.

Favorite place for ribbon: Target and The Container Store for the win again! And you can always snag the always classic bakers twine at Hobby Lobby. They typically have a good color selection.

The ribbon I’m loving right now: Velvet Ribbon in blush and green, Herringbone green ribbon, and Black and White Twine Ribbon

Favorite place to buy festive holiday decor: XO Supply Store (for all my Holiday Party Hosting necessities), Pottery Barn (stockings, tree skirts, ornaments & faux greenery/garland), West Elm (ornaments), Target (faux greenery, ornaments & lots of impulse purchases from their Holiday Shop! Ha.), and lastly/most importantly antique shops. I love a good antique shop! You can find vintage ornaments, sleds, books and other Christmas memorabilia. Just like the “overall presentation” of your gifts – I like the presentation of my house to be unique during the Holidays; wow factors that everyone else won’t have!

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